Providing business IT solutions

Our aim is to provide a solution to the customer not just an IT system.

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Engineered with capability

Our team consists of experienced engineers, managers and specialists.

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Developed with

Flexibility is a key constituent of our approach.

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Delivered with customer focus

We put our customers first and our team where our customers need us!

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In today’s extremely competitive engineering and manufacturing supply chain, customers increasingly demand cost effective, defect free and on-time delivered products and services. On the other hand, there are numerous and continuous challenges for the engineers and manufacturers such as short planning horizons, capacity, cost reduction, overtime, machine breakdowns, materials, lead-times, decision making, availability and deployment of resources, real-time information for decision making, capable suppliers, traceability, etc. which have impact on the ultimate stakeholder – customer!

Engineered, developed and delivered for these environments, our business IT solutions integrate the business processes and lubricate the workings of an organisation and allow the company to overcome the aforementioned challenges and have in one system visibility and control of just about all its operations, activities and resources.

Our business IT solutions fulfil requirements of almost any organisation that is involved in engineering, manufacturing and distribution and offer the functionality of:

  1. Customer relationship management (CRM system)
  2. Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP system, engineering MRP, manufacturing MRP)
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP system, engineering ERP, manufacturing ERP)
  4. Production management software
  5. Production control software
  6. Shop floor data capture (SFDC)
  7. Project management
  8. Stock management and stock control
  9. Distribution system
  10. Purchasing system and supplier management
  11. Invoicing system


The result of implementing our business IT solutions is a lean, efficient and agile company, which responds quickly to its customers and market demands and is well equipped to stand up to competitive pressures within the marketplace.

Our customers and experience tell us that our business IT solutions are straightforward to implement, extremely flexible and scalable, which allow users to configure and control in order to solve even the most unique individual problems and any potential problems that may rise in the future.

"Big company" design philosophy is embraced throughout our development cycle, which allows the solution of individual departmental problems without compromising inherent simplicity and ease of use.

A look at our customer base shows that our business IT solutions are attractive both to the larger and smaller companies within engineering, manufacturing and distributions sectors. At one end of the spectrum we have customers with annual turnover in the tens of millions and at the other in the order of a few hundred thousands.

The investment required is extremely competitive both at entry level and at the top end, where we offer the functionality of the most expensive systems at a fraction of their costs.