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The Emax RM6 System is an extremely powerful business software package, offering unrivalled functionality, integration and cost saving benefits.   

Emax software lubricates the workings of the organisation and allows the company to have in one system visibility of just about all its activities and resources.

This applies to any organisation not only those that manufacture.

The result is a lean, efficient, fast moving company, which reacts quickly to change and is well equipped to stand up to modern competitive pressures.


E-max RM6 is unbelievably flexible which allows users to configure it to control and solve even the most unique individual problems.

Its "big" company design allows the solution of individual departmental problems without compromising its inherent simplicity and ease of use.

A look at the user base shows that it is attractive both to the larger and smaller company. At one end of the spectrum we have users with annual turnover in the tens of millions and at the other in the order of a few hundred thousands.

The package price is extremely competitive both at entry level and at the top end where we offer the functionality of the most expensive systems at a fraction of their costs.


Emax RM6 is an amalgam of different packages. It is...

An ERP or Business Control Software System
A production control software system
An MRP software system
A CRM or contact manager and quotation system
A system to monitor internal actions and activities